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protect your business

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Unprotected power always carries unwanted power cuts which may bring big losses in many forms like failure of power equipments, stoppage in critical operations, Data losses, manufacturing fault, wrong observation results etc

increase your clients

In all industries there are two importent things first one is Trust second one is Quality. Once the customer believe he sends his all requirement to you only and forget about others. UPS power gives opportunity to increase quality & quantity of your product with the same resources availble to you..

save business cost

Regular maintenace of UPS machines reduces about 2/3rd of its chances failure which increases efficiency of your business by using 100% capacity of your staff & machines.

automate your business

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Frequently asked questions

Based on a survey made by Contingency planning, poor power quality is the key factor in failure of a power equipment / machine, variation in results of a testing machine, manufacturing faults, computer data loss, dropout in business efficiency etc. In addition to black outs, other power quality problems are: voltage sag,spikes, voltage surges, noise, and power issues due voltage low/high.


Pure Sine Wave form of AC obtained from true online UPS.

There are quite a few methods for dealing with power problems. The three most commonly used are: a surge absorber, a regulator or a UPS. 

        Powerissue                               Solution 

  • Black out                                    UPS 
  • Sag                                              UPS 
  • Surge                                          UPS 
  • Noise                                          UPS 
  • Spike                                           UPS 
  • Frequency drift                          UPS 

Full form of the UPS is “Unintruppted power Supply” which means a machine which provides AC power without any dropouts but in current scenarion it not only limited to a continous power but it provides a very safe power or enviornment for its connected load. It also filter and quantify power problems and provide a constant safe & continous power. In the absence of regular power it gives backup from its storage power so it works like a pond in farming which stores water in during rain and provide water in dry period.




Based upon its technology and mechanism there are three types of UPS:

A- Off-Line / Home UPS
B- Line-Interactive UPS
C- Online UPS
Which UPS is suitable for you is depends upon many factors like Load type, Machine function and its response , Buget , etc. So it is a things of calculation & analysis.

 Selection of a UPS is a very complex decision because its needs a deep understanding about power sypply and power run systems. We opt UPS system to increase our business efficiency with saving business cost. Wrong selection of a UPS system may arise many issues like in errors in machine functions, appropriate heavy investment, unnecessary occupation of space, heavy electricity bill, damage in existing wiring system, extra maintenance cost or damage in new UPS system etc. So on your demand our technical team inspect your power load type & mangnitude, Sensitivity of your power equipments, existing power conditions, space requirement and availbility etc then our team suggest you best UPS as well as budget needed for you.

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