Our Key services

  • Design & Installation of UPS system. 
  • Repair & Maintenance service with best technical team of all range of UPS system of all brands.
  •  Lease or rent a UPS system service.
  •  We also deal in refurbished UPS system with our warranty service.
  • We provide standby UPS solution for  our clients. 

UPS System Design & Installation


UPS selection and installation is not a very simple job that just calculate the load (in watts) and select the UPS system to run your operations but it involves  many factors. First our qualified engineers understand about your UPS requirement that what are you trying to protect and for how long ?
After understanding  the capacity of UPS required to the operations our engineers team consider many factor like:
1-  Space for UPS installation and for future maintenance work. .
2– Existed power capacity & available electrical wiring networks  to sustain the load and UPS.
3-  Temperature conditions.
4– Which type of UPS is needed it depends upon how much operation is sensitive, it  may require  mixed type of parallel / series set of UPS systems.
5– Some times site conditions does not allow regular set of UPS, it needs customized UPS. 


UPS Regular Maintenance Service(C-AMC)

You adopt a UPS system to support your critical business activity and very costlier equipment. Failure of a UPS system may cause big losses to your supported equipment and operations so it needs extra safety . It is seen that regular maintenance of a machine reduces (about 2/3rd) chances of its uncertain failure. We offer annual maintenance / extended warranty service for all range of UPS system with very attractive pricing plans.

UPS Repair Service

Our company  started in July,  2011 with the  repair and maintenance work of Online UPS as main product. We’ve a very experienced team for card level to component level repairing of a full range of UPS of all brands.



Shifting & Installation Service

if already have you a UPS system and want to shift to another place we will pleased to help you in proper un-installation and installation of your UPS.