Repair & Maintenance

Maintenance of the UPS consists of preventive and corrective maintenance. Preventive maintenance consists of a scheduled list of activities. Performing these activities keeps the UPS in good working order and helps to prevent failures. Corrective maintenance is performed as a result of a failure. Corrective maintenance fixes the problem and gets the unit working again.

Preventive maintenance. Periodic maintenance is required to maintain the integrity and lifetime of the battery. Power electronic equipment also requires scheduled maintenance even though solid-state devices are used.

Corrective maintenance. All UPSs have some degree of diagnostic capability which usually includes some degree of battery monitoring. This diagnostic ability, along with a systematic tracking of preventive maintenance data, will aid in locating possible internal faults and may even help in tracking external faults. A good preventive maintenance program should minimize the need for corrective maintenance. 

For preventive & corrective maintenance of a UPS we offer cost effectice maintenance packs for regular maintenance of your UPS. 

A- P&C AMC under this contract we provide your a regular & preventive maintenance service but we do not cover replacement of any parts if needed.

B- C-AMC under this contract we cover regular P&C maintenance service and repair/replacement of week or faulty parts or components.